T H E   F L O R I S T





Sam Leenman is a Floral Designer from Sydney, NSW, based in the Hawkesbury, whose focus is on Weddings, Events, Workshops & Photo shoots. Sam is a qualified florist and has been in the industry for a number of years, applying her taught skills and creativity to all her exquisite floral designs! 

Nature in all it's glory is Sam's inspiration for everything she creates, with the purpose of reflecting the beauty of the Creator. Sam is a passionate lover of flowers, colour and design. As someone who thrives on creating beautiful spaces for people she understands what it takes for guests to enjoy themselves and for an event to be a success. Sam loves to find unusual flowers at the markets that most people can’t even identify, herself included at times!

Like fashion and design, floristry is ever changing, but she has worked hard to keep her perspective personal, fresh and up with the times.

Sam is always ready for a floral challenge whether it be hanging large centrepieces on a ship in Sydney or flying flower arrangements interstate! 

She loves being inspired by customer’s creative ideas and working along side those ideas to bring the imagination to life! 

Apart from her passion for flowers Sam is also passionate about people and seeing justice for all. A portion of all profits goes directly to the work of the A21 Campaign which is an organisation whose mission is to abolish slavery everywhere, forever. For more information-