human trafficking is destroying lives, but freedom will have the final word.

A21 is a nonprofit organisation fueled by radical hope that human beings everywhere will be rescued from bondage and completely restored. They work alongside their supporters to free slaves and disrupt the demand.  At Willow Flowers we are passionate about People, Justice and Freedom which is why a portion of all profits made goes directly to the work of A21

- There are millions of slaves in the world today.
- Human Trafficking is a $15O billion USD industry.
- 1-2% are ever rescued.

Those statistics are daunting—and they lose the human element. The heart of the organisation is the one. The one woman, the one man, the one child trapped and exploited, unable to see another end to their story. But they see the one, and they fight for the one, and they sacrifice to restore the one… to give them freedom and independence and the chance at a better story.